主演: Stuart.Townsend Colin.Egglesfield 索尼亚·考琳 
导演: Corrado.Boccia 
更新日期: 18-11-07

On the verge of making partner, Josh Pratts life is turned upside down when the SEC investigates the head of his multibillion-dollar hedge fund for insider trading. Forced into a well-timed "vacation" he never asked for Josh finds himself in Bangkok with a price on his head, a morally ambiguous brother who is knee deep into the Thai mafia, and a propensity for getting shot at. Unfortunately for Josh, the only way out is to give up information he doesnt know he has.

  • 网聊女孩大屠宰


    #HORROR is a film about the lives of six young women| Sam| Georigie| Sofia| Francesca| Cat and Eva played by our young ensemble of emerging actresses. Their world isone of money| success| ease and decadence. This is a film about the HORROR of cyberbullying. This film is a integral insight on the pressure that girls take on asthey grow in a world that is increasingly dependent on the promotion and attention that social media platforms provide yet prevent bullying. as well as the rolesthat parents must play regarding controlling their childs use of the internet and bullying plays such a terrifying role in society. These young woman are tellingthis story inside a glass mansion| filled with millions of dollars of artwork| as if they were living in a contemporary museum with artworks including works by UrsFischer| Rob Pruitt| Dan Colen| Franz West| Steven Shearer.

  • 邪恶的人


    After a year passes since the sudden death of a child, a family gathering takes place whilst peculiar unexplainable events occur. Tension over peculiar circumstances cracks the veneer of cordiality and dark secrets emerge. Bethany (Sienna Guillory) becomes increasingly unhinged and seems Hell bent on tearing her family apart. Is she possessed or simply playing devils advocate? With the help of a priest and a psychic the family attempts to restore peace and sanity. But events which occur that night could never have been foreseen. Police psychologist Dr Woods (Eric Roberts) tries to exact fact from fiction of what really took place in the house in this gothic horror morality tale.

  • 拾九禁终极直播



  • 农家小屋


    戴维(Andy Serkis 饰)和皮特(Reece Shearsmith 饰)是两个一事无成还笑话百出的小人物,这两个穷极生疯的家伙绑架了某黑帮老大的女儿崔茜(Jennifer Ellison 饰),并开口索要10万英镑赎金。然而黑帮老大也不是好对付的,更何况面对的是两个什么都不会的新手。不久,曾参与策划绑架的崔茜的弟弟安德鲁(Steven ODonnell 饰)连同两名华裔杀手赶到戴维他们的藏身地点。一来二去,形势陡然逆转,安德鲁被打晕,戴维和皮特反而成了崔茜的人质。崔茜到附近农庄打电话求救,然而才出龙潭,又入虎穴。一个更为恐怖的对手向这群人慢慢逼近……

  • 死神的呼唤


    克洛斯莱在精神病院回忆往事,他说起他和安东尼奥相遇的经过,以及他念咒语利用叫喊杀死儿女的往事。克洛斯莱用咒语瞒住安东尼奥,而让安东尼奥的妻子性欲亢奋。—天,他把安东尼奥带到郊外,他表演魔法的时候,他的叫喊当场杀死了牧人的一群羊。安东尼奥赶忙捂紧耳朵,才幸免于难。后来,安东尼奥偶然发现了操纵克洛斯莱生命和法力的一块圆石,于是,安东尼奥获得了魔法,而克洛斯莱一无所有,被送进精神病院。   本片是个寓言性质的故事,讲述的是人执着于物所带来的灾难。导演流畅,艺术水准高超。观众被故事深深地吸引住。本片虽然影响不大,但是评论的口碑很好。本片获得1978年第31届戛纳国际电影节评委会特别奖。

  • 他们在看


    The crew of the popular home-improvement TV show "Home Hunters Global" heads to a remote village in the Eastern European country of Moldova to film a follow-up segment about an American homeowner whos been transforming a rundown house into an artists haven. But when the crew arrives, they discover the superstitious locals no longer welcome them or the homeowner - and when cultural misunderstanding turns to violence, no one is safe.